Accelerate your practice one patient at a time.

Automated Patient Communication

Putting your patient retention strategy on auto pilot.

Put your practice on auto pilot

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Combining Key Pillars of Practice Success

Successful practices have similar traits that make them successful. It isn't a mystery it is a formula.

Our systems provide you the formula for success.  Marketing, staff training, scripting, coaching, lead conversion management.


Training your team to deliver an outstanding experience to every patient and convert more prospects.


Your existing patients are your best source of revenue. We automate your marketing efforts using multi channel dynamic content to appeal to each individuals specific interests. 


Our system captures details about your patient engagement to segment them based in interests and adapts to show patients content based on interest segmentation.

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Your Patients Tell You What They Want

Are you listening?

Multi Channel Approach

Our systems integrate with the places your patients spend time. We combine email, social, text messaging, and dynamic landing pages to keep you in front of your patients.

Engagement Tracking

Clicks, calls, forms, page visits all tell a story about patient interests.  Our Automated Patient Communication system segments patients based on interest indicators allowing you to focus messaging on exactly what they want.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic content delivery allows us to vary what your patients sees based upon their interest indicators.  Your messaging matches their interests to enhance conversions. 

Lead Attribution

No more guessing! You'll know exactly how new patients are reaching you and how your marketing dollars are generating results.  Our integrations with Facebook and Google allow you to see comprehensive details about your patient acquisition sources to make better, more informed decisions.

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